“. . . fun, joyous, and amazing . . . “ — Val C.

“Erik’s teaching is very adaptive and very hands-on.” — Brett M.

“Erik is awesome! My son really looks forward to seeing him every week.” — Luana E.

“I’ve always had a passion for singing, but after taking vocal lessons with Erik, I have improved immensely and gained confidence in my singing.” — Riley M.

“I like that you’re skillful in playing guitar and you can teach well.  I like that you like jokes and that you try to connect with your students.” — Norman S.

“Erik is a delight to work with! His professionalism and ability to cater to different personality types and the various ways others learn sets him apart.” — Kenny C.

“I like your teaching style and I like how you correct me a lot.  You make everything seem so much easier.” — Josh H.

“Erik is a terrific professional musician. I worked with him for several years and he is excellent. He was employed as a professional singer and was the foundation of our bass section, always accurate and always fun!” — Neil P.

“Erik exposed me to new genres that opened up my world in terms of what I was capable of singing. Erik was my vocal coach, but he was more than that. Erik helped me improve in many areas of my life and I am a better person for meeting him.” — Ethan E.

“Erik is one amazing teacher and instructor and band mate. His lexic ability on the piano and guitar especially make it easy to work with him because he is such an amazing follower. He practices all the time and is very fun responsible and outgoing. Thank you very much. ERIK IS THE BEST” — Chay E.

“Erik Sumner is one of the absolute best singers/musicians I have ever had the experience of working with. Incredible voice, most excellent language skills, wonderful interpretation. In addition to this, he is one of the most genuinely nice human beings on the planet. He is the “Real Deal”!!” — Mark S.

“I always felt that Erik’s guidance was insightful and attuned, not only to my musical development, but also to my own wants as a growing musician. He’s always been able to discern what musical goals I’m after and been able to help me realize them in ways that are accessible, easily understood, and growth-inducing.” — Joe D.

“You’re a really fun teacher, and I learn a lot when I play with you.  I feel very accomplished when I play. . . . You’re not like the teachers at my school where they’re kind of boring. . . .  You show me what to do, and you make me figure it out for myself instead of you just telling me everything.” — Liv N.

“I have been a student of Erik’s for two years. He has shared his depth of knowledge in musical theory, technique and practice strategies over this time. My lessons with Erik have helped me progress toward my goals of becoming a better pianist and understanding the fundamentals of musical theory and analysis.” — Mark B.

“Erik transcribed an entire album (13 songs) for our band Tupelo Conjure. He worked with incredible speed, accuracy and with the highest level of professionalism. We published our own music book available on Amazon, and it looks spectacular. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Erik on any project in the music industry. Thanks Erik, you nailed it!” — Rick Almarode (tupeloconjure.com)

“Erik is a great teacher.  He gives me a lot of tips on my singing and piano, and he makes my piano fun.  My last teacher didn’t make it quite fun, but since I’ve been with Erik, it’s been more fun to practice, and now I’m way more into singing because of him.  He’s really nice and funny. He pushes me to my limits, and that’s why I’m here today.” — Bella A.

“Erik is a great vocals instructor. I’ve had other teachers over the years, but I was so happy to have run across Erik. I was singing much better after the first lesson. I improved my breathing control, among other things. Erik has some unique and different exercises. I am lucky and thankful to have met him. I’m a much better singer today thanks to Erik. Through my new found love for music, I’ve even picked up my old guitar, which Erik has helped me with tremendously and I’ve even started to learn to play the drums. Thanks for everything, Erik.” — Mike B.

“Erik Sumner is fantastic to work with. Going through my community college he helped me improve my grades for my major that needed to be improved. From there because of his help I was accepted to my dream school for my dream major. He is always professional and timely. When one teaching style did not work for me he would find other ways to teach a concept, he always kept going until I fully understood. Furthering from my Undergraduate Degree, the skills he taught me also applied to my Graduate degree and beyond to my job. I highly recommend working with Erik if given the opportunity.” — Jenna V.

“Mr. Erik was my vocal coach for over three and a half years. Throughout those years he taught me three different languages (Italian, German, French), basic piano, singing techniques, performance quality, and much more. My favorite thing is how creative he is. He always keeps the lessons fun and interesting and finds ways to help you better understand music from both a technical and emotional standpoint. Working with Mr. Erik made me a more confident and technical singer. He helped prepare me for college and all of my auditions for musicals. He also sparked my interest in classical singing which is something I will always be thankful for because it made me a more well rounded singer. Mr. Erik is a phenomenal teacher and person who has so much to offer anyone he works with. . . . the best voice coach ever!!!” — Rachel R.

“Erik Sumner is by far one of the finest musicians, vocal or instrumental, that I have had the pleasure of working with in my forty-five year career. It is always a pleasure to engage Erik for a performance. As a singer he exhibits complete command of his voice and a thorough knowledge of how to attain the results demanded by a conductor. This is possible only through a complete understanding of how the voice works and how to keep it in the best of health. I am sure that his students gain immeasurable knowledge from such a fine professional. In addition, he possesses an extremely positive ‘can do’ attitude, vibrant personality, and quick wit. I cannot recommend Erik highly enough for any performance or teaching opportunity for which he is being considered.” — Dr. Robert E. Parrish Artistic Director, Musica Sacra of Sarasota Music Director, The Hillwood Singers Professor Emeritus of Music, The College of New Jersey

“I met Erik when I was looking for a “coach” of sorts to help me progress as an independent musician and figure out what it was that was missing to be more successful in my music. We set up a time to meet and he very quickly helped me pinpoint many of my weaknesses in songwriting and music performance. What was particularly useful was that he was able to answer my questions and then teach me exercises and technique that helped me become a much better musician while increasing my self confidence in my own music. Even better was the fact that Erik’s knowledge based spanned guitar, piano, and voice, as well as music theory and chord progressions, which has helped me immensely since. Erik was able to help me get past my roadblocks and as a result I’ve become a better songwriter and performer. My experience working with him was totally positive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him as a vocal, piano, or guitar teacher or coach.” — David H.

“I want to tell you how much I enjoy and am learning with Erik. I have been through 19 years of education and had many wonderful teachers and professors.  I have also worked with several great instructors in the various activities I have taken up throughout the years. With no disrespect to anyone I have worked with in the past, none comes close to Erik. He is a pure joy to work with and as I have told him on many occasions, our lesson together is my favorite hour and a half of the week.  He is patient and kind, but at the same time and in his gentle way, insists on doing things the right way (no shortcuts). Learning with him is easy, fun and the time of our lesson passes as if it was five minutes. Maybe even more important than the lesson itself, he is teaching me how to properly practice and learn on my own. Again, I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to be working with Erik and what a joy he makes it to learn the piano.  You have an absolute gem with Erik and I would recommend him​ to anyone interested in learning music.” — Richard R.