Learn Music Freedom

Do you seek freedom in music?

Does playing music help you escape from your own, small world, with its frustrations, limitations, and necessities?

Of course it does.

But is music still — or becoming — just another part of your own, small world?

Is it still “beyond” you? Is it too hard to understand? Too hard to practice? Too hard to make any progress? Is music a little too much like the other “traps” of life?

Do you need musical freedom?

I can help you. I can help you uncover, work through, and overcome your musical misunderstandings, frustrations, traps.

Let me help you free music.

Just click around for something that stands out to you, if you wish . . .

. . . but if that feels like just one more trap, then let me try to anticipate your musical needs, so you don’t even have to get stuck trying to figure out what they are:

Erik Sumner is a composing, theorizing, songwriting, singing multi-instrumentalist with a passion for freeing other musicians from their musical traps. Whether it’s a lack of reading skill, a lack of theoretical knowledge, a lack of good practice habits, a lack of stylistic sophistication, or a lack of creative freedom in music, don’t let your musical traps hold you back any longer. Let Erik guide you from musical frustration to MUSIC FREEDOM.